Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Democracy in action

 I am a big democracy dork: I love my right to vote; I love doing my civic duty; I love my small part in the big picture of my country.  This morning we went to vote together as a family.  And I was so excited and happy to be able to take my son with me to the polls.  Okay, so, he slept through almost the entire time we were at the polling place.  But I'll be able to tell him how he was a part of the democratic process in the first year of his life, and how he accompanied me while I filled out my ballot.  He'll hear how we walked in a cold November morning, he in a fuzzy warm bunting his grandmother got for him, to arrive at our designated polling place.  He'll hear how we waited in line for 45 minutes.  He'll hear about how we ran into our neighbors and talked to strangers when normally we don't.  He'll hear how we gave our address and gave our names and got a ballot in return.   He'll hear how we enthusiastically elected the first woman senator Massachusetts, Elizabeth Warren.  And he'll hear how we so, so proudly reelected Barack Obama as President.  I am so grateful for all of us, in my family and outside my family, that we have the leader we do for the next four years.  I am incredibly grateful that my boy's first four and a half years are under this administration.

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